Maldives to mark 50 years as a republic with colourful celebrations

Republic 50 logo

Official logo of “Republic 50”, to mark 50 years as a republic in 2018.

President Abdulla Yameen announced that the Maldives will mark 50 years as a republic in 2018 with many colourful celebrations.

The president on Saturday night unveiled the official “Republic 50” logo and song at the ceremony of the 49th Republic Day at Dharubaaruge convention centre.

The Maldives had celebrated its 50th Independence Day in 2015 under Yameen’s presidency as well. Thus, the Republic Day next year would mark the second golden jubilee to be celebrated under Yameen’s regime.

Speaking at the ceremony on Saturday, home minister Azleen Ahmed declared that the past 49 years as a republic had seen the Maldives achieve progress in various fields by the hard work of its presidents. He highlighted the past four years in particular, noting that incumbent president Yameen had provided unique, vital and major services for the development of the nation and people. This, however, is not an insult to any of his predecessors, said Azleen.

Home minister Azleen Ahmed speaks at the ceremony of the Maldives' 49th Republic Day. PHOTO/PRESIDENT'S OFFICE

Home minister Azleen Ahmed speaks at the ceremony of the Maldives’ 49th Republic Day. PHOTO/PRESIDENT’S OFFICE

Citing several examples of progress and development, Azleen proclaimed that the greatest satisfaction for the people is the establishment of justice. He lauded president Yameen for establishing economic justice, the practice of looking into things fairly and justly, and a system to provide security and protection for the people.

“[Yameen] has paved many different paths for the youth. He has produced various entrepreneurs in the economic field of the Maldives,” said Azleen.

Azleen further highlighted that Yameen had taken several steps to defend the country from threats to its sovereignty and the religion of Islam.

He added that Maldivians have already experienced the bitterness of electing a leader who, despite having a high level of education, had failed to properly lead and understand the situation of the people. However, he said that the current president has already solved many of the challenges facing Maldivians today.

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