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Senior EU delegation to visit Maldives next week

EU delegation

President Abdulla Yameen meets with European Parliament delegation in October 2017 — Photo by: presidencymaldives

A senior delegation from the European Union (EU) is to arrive in the Maldives this month.

RaajjeMV understands that the delegation will be led by the Asia and Pacific Director of the European External Action Service (EEAS). EU’s Ambassador to the Maldives, Tung-Laï Margue is expected to as well.

The delegation will first head to Sri Lanka, and meet some of the opposition leaders living there in exile, following which they will head to Maldives and meet with senior government officials and opposition parties.

An official from the Foreign Ministry has also confirmed the EU delegation’s visit to RaajjeMV, saying that they will arrive in Maldives next week.

A delegation from the European Union (EU) Parliament was in Maldives last October.

The four-member delegation was in the Maldives for two days, before heading off to Sri Lanka. They met with officials from the ruling party, opposition, as well as journalists and members of the civil society.

Also in October, the European Parliament passed a resolution against Maldives, with some MEPs calling to impose targeted sanctions on senior government officials.

The Maldivian government rejected the resolution adopted by the European Parliament, saying that it was “highly motivated by one-sided political rhetoric and contains inaccuracies, contradictions, misrepresentations and baseless allegations”.

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