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Nasheed admits Yameen’s government is better than Maumoon’s

Maumoon And Nasheed

The original Dhivehi article was published on Vaguthu.mv website on 22nd January 2018.

The following is a loose translation:

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has admitted today that the status of democracy is better in President Yameen’s government than during former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s terms in office.

Nasheed’s admittance came in a press conference held today in Colombo Sri Lanka.

President Nasheed said: ‘I believe that democracy has not yet slipped in the Maldives, for example to the level it was during the 1980s (President Maumoon’s government). Political parties can function, the press has some space. I see that from this space which we have we can take action and win the election.’

President Nasheed’s admittance came just a week after, Maldives Independent, a media closely related to Nasheed, reported that the relationship between Maumoon and Yameen have strained. However, Nasheed has denied Maldives Independent’s story.

President Nasheed is a person who was engaged in lots of activities opposing Maumoon’s government. Nasheed was arrested on several occasions for publishing various articles from 1991 onwards. However, in 2008 Nasheed defeated Maumoon to become president.

When President Maumoon abandoned his support to President Yameen due to political differences and openly started opposing President Yameen, Maumoon and Nasheed ultimately become ‘friends’. They have joined in trying to change President Yameen’s government.

Editor’s note: Vaguthu.mv, claims to be fast, reliable and unbiased news from the Maldives. Vaguthu is a pro-government website.

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