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Maldives ex-Pres assures opposition will not boycott presidential elections, ‘even if I cannot contest’

  • He made the statement at a press conference in Colombo on Monday morning
  • Nasheed also revealed that his legal team has filed a case at UNHRC over the matter
  • He said they will not make it easy for President Yameen, if he decides to hold an illegal election

Opposition leader and former President Mohamed Nasheed has said that the joint opposition will not boycott this year’s presidential elections, even if incumbent President Abdulla Yameen refuses to allow him to contest.

The self-exiled leader of opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) made the announcement at a press conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Monday morning.

Speaking to both local and international media at the Taj Samudra Hotel in Colombo, Nasheed noted that ‘in the Maldives, President Yameen wants to decide who can run in the election,’ emphasizing that the President ‘has disqualified every opposition leader that could stand against him, and even purged his own party’.

He also revealed that his legal team has filed a case at the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC), adding that he hoped that the organization allows him to contest in the elections.

“If I can, I will,” said the former President.

Furthermore, Nasheed stated even if President Yameen decides not to allow him to compete and hold an ‘illegal’ election, that the opposition ‘will not make it easy for him’.

He said that the joint opposition has no intention of boycotting the elections, adding that they ‘will not give up on democracy, or fighting for the rule of law and to uphold the inalienable rights of the Maldivian people to elect a leader of their choice’.

While President Abdulla Yameen’s term in office will end in November this year, according to the Constitution, the presidential elections are to be held in August. However, all opposition leaders- Nasheed, Adhaalath Party’s Imran Abdulla and Jumhooree Party’s Qasim Ibrahim- have been sentenced to jail.

Nasheed and Qasim have sought asylum abroad after being granted medical leave, while Imran continues to serve his sentence in Maafushi Prison.

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