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EU calls for travel bans for Maldives’ leaders to ‘wake up’ the nation

European Union (EU) Parliament on Thursday deliberated on the Maldives, especially with regards to human rights issues under the administration of incumbent President Abdullah Yameen.

The Parliament deliberated on measures, focusing on travel bans. In the debate on Thursday, many of the MEPs had criticized the Government, noting that human rights had deteriorated. The MEPs had also noted that Government was preparing to implement death penalty after an almost six-decade mortarium on it.

Speaking in the debate, Vera Jourová said that a progressive political sphere was created after the first independent elections were carried out in 2008. However, in the present, the situation had deteriorated, with signs of a fully-fledged dictatorship instated into the state.

The Parliamentarian said all opposition leaders are jailed, with media and journalists under crackdown as well as restricted freedom of press and assembly.


The planned Presidential elections for 2018, she said, can only be carried out justly, only if all political parties engage in discussions.

The state of Maldives, Jourová said can be clearly analyzed by the murder of social media activist and blogger Yameen Rasheed.

She said the safety and security of the half a million tourists from Europe must be ensured.

Almost all the MEPs agreed that tourists must be made aware of the situation in the Maldives, especially, noting that Maldives did not respect the international community. The MEPs noted that instead of taking in the recommendations of the Commonwealth, Maldives had sought to leave the body.

The MEPs also noted the lack of impartiality of the judiciary, which was more concerning when implementing a key legislature such as capital punishment.

Noting that strict action must be taken on the Maldives to address the situation, MEPs suggested travel bans to Maldives and on individual members of the present administration. Most of the MEPs had also proposed to carry on the measures on Maldives until the Government addressed the issues and reverted back to democratic principles.

All MEPs had supported the motion. The motion is to be voted on Thursday.

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