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Do not accept EU resolution, its biased: Govt. of Maldives

The Government of Maldives has categorically rejected the resolution on the Maldives adopted by the European Parliament passed on Thursday.

The statement released by Foreign Ministry said the highly motivated by one-sided political rhetoric.

‘The resolution is highly motivated by one-sided political rhetoric and contains inaccuracies, contradictions, misrepresentations and baseless allegations. The resolution is further aimed at undermining the Constitution of the Maldives,’ it said.

Calling the decision by the EU ‘unfortunate’, the Government lamented the fact that EU had completely disregarded the ‘considerable gains made by the Government of Maldives in terms of socio-economic development, consolidating democracy and upholding the rule of law, over the past few years’.

It also noted that the EU had passed the resolution just weeks before the planned visit by a European Parliament delegation, ‘where they could have had the opportunity to assess the situation on the ground and adopt a fair and balanced resolution’.

‘The Government of Maldives will continue to work closely with the European Union, especially with the European Commission. In this regard, the Government takes note of the statement given by the European External Action Service (EEAS) at the European Parliament today, and concurs with the view that the way forward is positive engagement on issues of mutual concern. Further, the Government remains committed to work with all international partners who wish to engage in a collaborative and constructive manner in the consolidation of democracy in the Maldives,’ the statement added.

The statement concluded by calling on all political parties to engage with the Government through dialogue and called on the EU to encourage all parties and stakeholders to enter a dialogue with the Government.

Though the Government of Maldives had made this statement, they were not able to point out what aspect of the EU resolution was one-sided.

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