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China-Maldives relationship, strongest ever in history; China Ambassador

Newly appointed Ambassador of China to Maldives Zhang Zhong spoke about the growing ties between China and Maldives. | Photo: Ahmed Shurau Avas

The newly appointed Chinese Ambassador Zhang Zhong to Maldives praises the bilateral relationship between two nations, stressing it is at its strongest ever in history.

“The past 45 years have witnessed a growing relationship which has become immortal and mutual benefit and peaceful coexistence between the countries,” he said.

Ambassador Zhong also noted the bilateral relationship between the two countries have been strong due to the efforts of leaders of both nations for decades, noting that the current status of the relationship between China and Maldives is at its strongest in history.

In addition to this, he highlighted the Maldivian cooperation in China initiated Maritime Silk Road project – a possible game changer in the economic platform for the nations – and the Belt and Road Initiative will bring about development to Maldives along with the entire Eurasian region.

The Thursday night’s event held at Kurumba Maldives Resort was attended by Minister of Economic Development Mohamed Saeed as chief guest with several foreign and local dignitaries and high-ranking officials of government and China attending the event.

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