Amendment to the law can’t add more MPs to parliament

The MP Nilandhoo constituency, Abdulla Khaleel, has presented an amendment to the Parliament to prevent increasing the number of MPs. 

The amendment was presented for the Articles 71, which states that the number of MPs in the Parliament, and 72 of the Constitution, that deals with the election of the MPs. 

MP Khaleel’s amendment recommends stating the number of MPs in the parliament in Article 71-A as the 85 MP positions allocated from the constituencies decided in 2014. And omit Article 72-C. 

While an amendment has been presented to prevent adding MPs, the Elections Commission has decided to increase the number of MPs based on the population growth. The Elections Commission has decided to add two more constituencies in the form of Mid-Mahchangolhi and West Henveiru and the previous Hulhu-Henveiru constituency would become Hulhumale’ constituency.

Full details are available at the link below:

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