The Maldives is open for business – Vice President – Press Releases

Reiterating the commitment attached by this administration to ensure the security and success of foreign investments, Vice President Abdulla Jihad has welcomed foreign investors to make their bid in the Maldives. He made this statement following the inauguration of the 4th Maldives Investment Forum held in Dubai this morning.

The 2017 Maldives Investment Forum (MIF 2017) was launched by Vice President Abdulla Jihad at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the United Arab Emirates. The event is set to bring together and network prospective investors from the Middle East, especially from the UAE, and companies from the Maldives – general investment potential as well as scope to explore ‘investment ready’ projects, between investor and companies, are expected to take place in addition to showcasing current, and past, success stories.

In his speech, the Vice President highlighted the steps taken by the current Administration to improve the overall business environment in the country, and spoke of the measures taken to give more comfort and guarantee to the investors. He also noted that new laws and agreements have paved the way for a new era to strengthen mercantilism with trading partners.

The Vice president commended President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom for making important decisions, and for achieving crucial milestones to facilitate trade and investment. He further lauded President Yameen’s plans for major economic transformations for the Maldives, and assured all the potential investors that this was the prime time to invest in the Maldives.

Highlighting the measures being taken by this administration to transform the Maldives’ economy, the Vice President underscored the high value of investment proposals approved in the last 4 years. Vice President Jihad also reiterated the positive forecast for Maldives’ economic growth. Furthermore, the Vice President stated that most recent economic outlook reports from international financial organizations indicate that the Maldivian economy has improved.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Vice President indicated that the United Arab Emirate was a key bilateral trade partner of the Maldives. He also invited the UAE business community to take advantage of the corporate sector of the Maldives, in gaining more in-depth information about the opportunities in the Maldives.

The Maldives Investment Forum is an annual event targeted at encouraging investment, focused on foreign investment, in the Maldives – the event is a direct result of President Yameen’s drive towards a transformative shift in the Maldives’ economic growth through continued innovation and investment.

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