Party Talks Chair Calls for Re-engagement – Press Releases

During a press conference held today at the President’s Office, Fisheries Minister Dr Mohamed Shainee, lead Administration representative at the All-Party Talks initiated by President Yameen, has called on all political parties in the Maldives, including Former President of Progressive Party of Maldives Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, to re-engage in the talks.

Speaking at the Press conference, Dr Shainee stated that the initiation of re-engagement was driven by the Administration’s confidence that opposition parties are ready for such an opportunity, as they are delivering the message of bringing about a change for a better nation. However, he stated that the talks will reconvene only if the opposition parties join the talks without preconditions.

Moreover, Dr Shainee stated that the Administration initiated Talks, in July 2015, came to a halt due to disagreements between parties. Nevertheless, Dr Shainee shed light on the fact that since the Administration extended the invitation to all-party talks in February 2016, they have kept an open door for all the parties to come and resume the talks.

Speaking at the Press conference, Dr Shainee stated that the invitation extended to all the parties are without any preconditions and the administration will not allow parties to talk about a particular individual’s welfare. He stated that the main goals of the talks should be to bring a solution to the issues raised by the opposition parties. Furthermore, Dr. Shainee stated a one week window for all the parties to submit recommendations for reform so that the Administration could sit with the alliance parties and commence work on reconvening the All-party talks.

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