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Environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio Used Seaplane To Party Hop Around Maldives?


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Environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio did not hire a private seaplane to “party hop around the Maldives,” despite an untrue and purposefully deceptive story. Gossip Cop can bust this report, which calls the climate crusading actor a “phony” and “full of gas.”

According to the often inaccurate National Enquirer, “DiCaprio is all about saving the Earth… until it gets in the way of a good party.” The supermarket tabloid, which calls the Oscar-winner an “A-list hypocrite,” contends DiCaprio used a seaplane with Tobey Maguire to go a mere 19 miles from one resort in the Indian Ocean to another for a party, “even though an environmentally safer speedboat was on hand.” The magazine further maintains that while the boat ride was just 30-minutes long, “Leo ordered up an air-polluting seaplane.”

A so-called “confidant” tells the publication, “We couldn’t believe it when we heard about the request, especially because of Leo’s campaigning [on behalf of the environment].” The alleged source adds, “The two hotels are connected. The hotel company is used to ferrying guests between the two and most people are happy with that.”

The only “phony” here is the National Enquirer, which published this entirely wrong article. Gossip Cop is told by a mutual friend of ours and DiCaprio’s that he “didn’t take the seaplane” to go to a party in the Maldives. Our impeccable insider assures us the tabloid’s tale is simply “BS.”

And frankly we’re not remotely surprised by the falsity of the story. To illustrate its claim that DiCaprio and Maguire rented a seaplane to “party hop” in the Maldives, the repeatedly discredited magazine published a close-up shot of the two pals and others boarding a jet under a caption that reads, “Globe-trotting hypocrite” (below). But it appears the publication is being hypocritical, because Gossip Cop investigated and ultimately determined that the picture used to bolster its assertion that “Leo ordered up an air-polluting seaplane” was actually taken in 2016 in Saint-Tropez, and has nothing to do with his trip in the Indian Ocean.

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