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Maldives Supreme Court slaps additional ban on lawyer Mahfooz

Lawyer Mahfooz Saeed

Supreme Court of the Maldives has slapped a heavy ban on lawyer Mahfooz Saeed, barring him from even attending hearings of trials in any Court.

Mahfooz is currently under suspension following his participation in the petition submitted by lawyers to the Supreme Court over the various issues with the judiciary.

The Supreme Court issued the order via a message issued to all Court by the Judicial Administration Department.

In a message marked ‘very very urgent’, the court said this was done as the lawyer was currently under investigation for consistently violating the set principles and therefore, was in contempt of courts.

The ban bars Mahfooz from representing his clients, both with them and as a proxy, in Courts and in Tribunals, as well as hearings of any case ongoing in any court. Mahfooz can only enter Courts if he is the defendant or respondent in a case.

Mahfooz and 55 other lawyers were suspended after they submitted a motion to Supreme Court on September 10th. Mahfooz and 16 other lawyers are still serving this suspension.

Full details are available at the link below:

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