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Maldives road to recovery: webinar campaign launched to educate Chinese travel trade

Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation (MMPRC) has commenced webinar sessions targeted to the Chinese travel trade for a duration of 10 months. This webinar session will educate Chinese travel trade partners more about the Maldives and its products and to position the Maldives as a preferred tourist destination for Chinese travellers.

Over 550 travel agents participated in yesterday’s session from across China. During the session, an in-depth presentation of the Maldives tourism industry was given to the participants, in the Chinese Language. Maldives tourism products, beauty and uniqueness of the destination to attract the right target will be portrayed in the upcoming webinar sessions conducted for a duration of ten months under specific discussion topics related to the Chinese tourist’s interests. Specific questions were answered about the destination during the interactive session held at the end of the webinar session. The interest shown by the participants positively indicates that Chinese visitors will truly enjoy the Maldives as a whole year travel destination.

To make the upcoming webinar session more accessible, engaging and informative, a total of 17 Maldives tourism industry partners registered for the webinar session and will be delivering the latest information about Maldives tourism products and their properties.

Conducting webinar sessions to train travel trade is a key marketing strategy implemented by MMPRC in key tourist markets across the globe. As the Maldives moves towards post-pandemic preparations to welcome tourists, we are embarking on digital platforms to promote the destination globally.

As China still remains as the biggest source market it is projected that more arrivals from

China is expected to visit the Maldives, once the borders are open. Before the pandemic COVID- 19, in January 2020 a total of 31،744 tourist arrivals were recorded from this market which was 23% growth compared to the same period of last year.

Full details are available at the link below:

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