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Maldives hotel unveils ‘world’s first Instagram Butler’

The pressures of modern travel are too numerous to count, but surely outranking them all is the necessity to maintain a pristine Instagram feed… isn’t it?

In any case, step foward the ‘Instagram Butler’, a new and apparently unique service by Conrad Maldives Rangali Island dedicated to giving guests the edge when it comes to capturing those picture-perfect moments – and making everybody back home green with envy in the process.

However, rather than simply taking over guests’ social media accounts for the duration of their stay, as traditional notions of the butler might suggest, the Instagram Butler will have more of a tutor’s role.

This will involve conducting tours around Rangali Island’s most photogenic locations, all the while offering advice on the best times of day to photograph and the optimal camera angles to use.

conrad maldives rangali island

The hotel will also offer advice on striking the perfect Instagram pose. First tip: stand fully clothed in a swimming pool.


Stop-offs along the way, on what the hotel calls the #Instatrail, include a traditional Maldivian swing on the beach (an undholi), and Ithaa, the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant.

But the fun isn’t limited to the walkabout. Yoga enthusiasts can take part in classes whilst at the same time receiving tips from the hotel’s resident instructor on how to strike the most Instagrammable poses.

The Instagram Butler service can also be combined with a number of special itineraries curated by the hotel in order to lend an alternative to the usual Maldivian photo-fodder of white sand beaches, curvaceous palm trees and turquoise seas.

These include a one-hour stargazing experience, a three-hour cookery close at Jeremy Leung’s Ufaa restaurant, and a five-hour tour of the local atolls, designed to introduce guests to Maldivian culture, all to be expertly caught on camera and shared with the world.

conrad maldives rangali island

Instagram-user @annamidday skips gaily through Ithaa, the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant.


Individual though it may be, the Conrad Maldives is by no means the first hotel to offer such a niche service to its guests.

One such is the ‘Beditation’ Butler provided by Dukes London: part of a meditation and pampering package designed to help guests de-stress.

Full details are available from the link below:


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