How to spend your birthday in Maldives

Everybody loves their birthday. That’s one day that’s all about you and if that’s not worth celebrating, don’t know what is. Travelling somewhere away from home can be one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday. The paradise islands of Maldives are ideal for you to sit back, relax and let nature soothe your soul. Here are tips on how to make your next birthday in Maldives a memorable one.


Let the hotel staff know it’s your birthday

The first thing you should do once you step into the hotel is that letting people know it’s your birthday. Every Maldives resort will give you the best of everything and make you feel special on your day. If you’re planning a birthday for someone, let the hotel staff prepare a breakfast in bed or an exquisite breakfast spread by the sea. Waking up to Champagne, fresh and crisp pastries, fruits, poached eggs and warm bacon is the start of a perfect day.

Watch the dolphins

Arrange a boat trip with the help of the hotel to watch the dolphins. You might meet different schools of fish depending on where you stay. Most hotels in Male have the ideal location to watch dolphins. Before you go deep into the sea, the boat crew will cry out “dolphins! Dolphins!”. Don’t forget to pack up your camera and have them stand by to snap pictures of the grey fins that are popping out of the waves. You will be excited every time you see them no matter how many you’ve seen.

Go snorkelling

After your trip to watch the dolphins, grab your snorkelling gear and head to the beach. One of the best things about Maldives is its underwater life. There are vividly coloured corals and many fish not very far from the coast. The waves are calm and it is quite safe to snorkel or swim. In fact, seeing the marine life would be the most special thing about your birthday in Maldives. If you have a waterproof camera take it with you so you can capture moments from under the sea and look back once you’re home.

Don’t count calories

Once you’re back in the hotel in time for lunch, the staff will greet you with a “Happy Birthday” and shower platters of food. Velassaru Maldives and other luxury hotels will have special packages for birthday lunches where you can pick out any cuisine of your choice. The staff will pamper you can treat you with royalty for the rest of the day. Stuff yourself with all the deep-fried sea-food, authentic Maldivian food or pizzas and burgers that would be spread on the table. Since it’s your birthday you can stop counting those calories and not feel guilty for giving yourself a greasy treat.


Find yourself a hammock not too far from the beach and read your favourite book while sipping wine. If you’re not into reading you can just lay there soaking in the sun while listening to your favourite music. The sun and the beach is the best combination you can ask for and Maldives is just the place to enjoy the best of both.

Smoothen those knots

Visit the spa at your hotel in the evening to get your knots loosen and muscles relaxed. Some hotels have a spa tucked in a forest or by the beach where breezes can calm and soothe you. The indigenous oils and massaging techniques will have you relaxed and refreshed. Go for a full body massage and by the time you’re done you will feel your limbs lighten and your body deeply cleansed.

Hit the bar

What better way to end your birthday than sipping a cold bear with your friends? The sunset and the hum of the beach will make your evening more romantic and you will be thankful for picking Maldives to spend your birthday.

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