How to plan your honeymoon in Maldives


The Maldives is an immensely popular tourist destination. The romantic setting of the islands with the pristine beaches and clear skies invites many couples to have their wedding or spend their honeymoon here. If you decide to spend the honeymoon in the Maldives archipelago, here are a few tips to better plan it.


Research Maldives

Maldives has a lot of attractions and things to do. Do a little research about all the places and pick out what interests you both. Select activities that you both can enjoy equally. The honeymoon is a time where the bond between the couple is strengthened. What better way to bond better than going on adventures and doing things together? Do something exciting such as scuba diving or windsurfing or if you want something more relaxing try booking a private tour of Male. Researching becomes key when there are too many options available.

Schedule the honeymoon

Before you pick out days for the honeymoon, check out the weather there. This is one of the most important things you should do. You wouldn’t have a great time if it’s pouring outside all the time. Avoid the low season- which is from May to November. There will be rains and storms but it will be very humid during this season. The prices of the resorts and hotels rise because this is the summer holiday in European countries. The weather is great until the month of April when the sun is peaked above the archipelago. This is when the surf season starts and continues till October. The prices are rapidly increased with the crowd gathering to the beach. The high season starts in December and is continued until February. There is very low humidity during this season but with a little drizzle. This time of the year is the most expensive because of Christmas and New Year around the corner. If you plan on staying more than 5 days this won’t be a big issue but if you have your stay scheduled for less than that you will have to pay as much as thrice as the normal price.

Purchase tickets in advance

To make the best of the honeymoon, purchase your tickets at least three months ahead of the planned date. Check for cheap flight tickets so you will be saving up money for the actual honeymoon and not the flights you’ll be taking. That will give you room to spend more when you’re at Maldives. If you choose to hire a travel consultant, you can ask him/her when you can purchase off season tickets Maldives. It’s better to buy return tickets or you’ll have to face an unexpected expense on tickets your way home.

Choose the best accommodation

The service of a travel agency works best when you’re trying to find accommodation. Not only do they get you good deals but companies such as Vacation Maldives who organises many holidays to Maldives will make sure you are comfortable during your whole stay. Pick out the travel agency that’s best for you and would give you the best service. When you go to Maldives, pick out an overwater bungalow or villa and experience the thrill of living above water. Many couples pick these out because they have more privacy.

Plan out transportation

Don’t forget to plan out how you’re going to move around Maldives before you get there. You can hire a sea-plane, boat, taxi or a dhoni to move from island to island. You can hop off ferries and speedboats and that is by far the easiest and most common way of getting around. If you want more luxury, jump on a sea-plane to fly around the archipelago.

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