Esthec Introduces Nature Re-Invented Outdoor Flooring in Maldives

Esthec Terrace represents the new dimension of outdoor flooring for the high end residential and hospitality industry. It is a long-lasting material able to resist all weather conditions and without any termite issue able to guarantee the perfect look like an extremely durable solution.

Elegance, style, safety, durability, and resistance while respecting the environment, are key concepts around which the Dutch company Bolidt has developed its proven (50+ years) flooring systems.

Project Burj-Al-Arab-Terrace

Project Burj-Al-Arab-Terrace

Bolidt Group, founded in 1964, is nowadays a leader in the manufacturing of flooring systems for all kinds of applications; the group is always a step ahead to innovation and technology focusing its research and development in achieving always the best and most innovative solution for its customers and for the environment.

Born and developed for the marine industry, today it is the most used flooring system on cruise ships, thanks to the extreme durability, resistance to all sea and weather conditions, and the easy and fast maintenance without compromising the luxury aesthetical look. The material was studied to look like a natural product, and it is made only of natural ingredients, colour pigments and a filler without any use of PVC or wood; therefore, we also can say Esthec is nature re-invented!

Okean 50′ e Okean 55′. Guarujá, 25 de julho de 2019 Photo: Alexandre Carvalho

Okean 50′ e Okean 55′. Guarujá, 25 de julho de 2019 Photo: Alexandre Carvalho

There are 9 standard colours and each colour is supplied in three different shades in order to provide a more natural look. Esthec comes from a liquid product and this allows the creation of any colour or shape and therefore it is the versatile solution for any kind of project both for terrace and façade system. The No limits attitude lets architects and designers feel free to create their own projects where everything is possible, and the only boundaries are within their imagination.

The main characteristic of the material is the extreme durability and resistance to all kinds of weather conditions. This resistance which is reflected also in the easy fast maintenance making Esthec the perfect solution for hotels and resort where saving time, style, and safety is an important part of their business.

Project Burj-Al-Arab Pool

Project Burj-Al-Arab Pool

Already several well-known hotels have chosen Esthec for its stylish look and its durable quality especially to the sea salt and sun exposure; in fact, even the renowned Burj al Arab hotel had decided to extend its already impressive outdoor area with Esthec Terrace. Even with the high temperature of Dubai, the product maintains its natural beauty and colours even after many years, without any need of sanding or varnishing!

Esthec is the sophistication of outdoor flooring offering a stylish solution without compromise. Esthec part of Bolidt Group has a large network of offices all around the world and recently has expanded its presence also in the Maldives appointing its own representative in the person of Mr Sithhath Abdulla (E – [email protected]). To know more about Esthec and its innovative and endless applications visit sign in for a virtual tour at Esthec Innovation Centre in the Netherland.

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