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Discussion commences to strengthen japan-maldives ties

The foreign ministers of both Maldives and Japan are expected to sit down for in-depth discussions to seek newer and efficient approaches to fortify the bond between the two countries.

The discussion will be taking place between local foreign minister Dr Mohamed Asim and his Japanese counterpart Taro Kono who is currently visiting the Maldives on an official trip.

With his visit to the Maldives, Kono has become the first foreign minister in recent history to grace the country for talks.

Japanese foreign minister expressed his joy while speaking at a brief ceremony held at Foreign Ministry on Saturday. Foreign minister Kono addressed that it was a pleasure to visit the Maldives at a prolific time when both nations are commemorating 50 years of establishing diplomatic ties.

“I have always dreamed of visiting and seeing the Maldives for myself, and being able to travel to the country during a time when we are celebrating 50 years of the diplomatic union is noteworthy,” Kono said.

Kono’s Maldivian counterpart Dr Mohamed Asim had also shared similar sentiments when he expressed of his joy to greet the Japanese foreign minister as the first foreign diplomatic delegates to the Maldives in 2018.

“Japan is experiencing cold weather around this time of the year and I would like to believe Mister Kono will be enjoying the warm weather of Maldives during his stay and hope he would get to experience the world-class hospitality we are renowned for. Japan has always been a well-wishing aide of Maldives,” Dr Asim said during Saturday’s meeting.

Additionally, Dr. Asim did not forget to highlight and acknowledge the multiple projects which were executed under Japan administration’s aid and assistance.

Both foreign ministers have initiated official discussions to further solidify the bond between the two countries during their rendezvous on Saturday.

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