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Dhigali Maldives: unique design, unique experience

Dhigali Maldives

The original Dhivehi article was published on Mihaaru.com website on 17th July 2017.

The following is a loose translation:

Compared to other Maldives’ islands, it is fairly a big island. Encircling the island are luxurious modernly designed water villas. There lies a concrete sheeting instead of a roof in the lobby. The building is stood upright with the support of concrete pillars and wall-less.

Dhigali Maldives is a five-star resort developed by a Maldivian company, Coral Edge, on the island of Dhigali. The tropical island measures up to 18.5 hectares: 300 meters in width and 1 mile in length.

This 180 room resort that opened last month, displays unspoiled natural beauty, developed whilst preserving the environment of the island. On the walking pathway, you will find sand like on other islands.

Executive Assistant Manager Hassan Saeed, showed the tree line on the beach and the big trees grown on the island. Those trees add colour to the island’s greenery. The island’s big Alexandrian Laurel trees, the coconut trees and other trees being left untouched, contributes to the preservation of the environment of the island.

‘The developers wanted to leave the vegetation untouched and build rooms around the island. So we had to cut down only a few trees. Dhigali island’s centre will be the same as other uninhabited islands, dense with trees,’ he said.

dhigali maldives lagoon villa

He says that he wants to leave the natural beauty intact. So the walkway is covered in sand to bring the natural island feel.

Intimate unwinding rooms

The 40 water villas lies in the lagoon from the east to the south and from the west to the south. Apart from those, there are also premium designed Beach Suites and an exclusive Dhigali Suite.

Dhigali Maldives comprises of 20 Beach Bungalows, 21 Beach Pool Villas, 33 Deluxe Beach Bungalows and 62 Beach Villas with plunge pools. What makes Dhigali more extraordinary are the sightless roof premises. The rooms interiors are designed spaciously. Spacious bathrooms and impeccable designs.

‘The design of this resort is very different to other resorts. The roofs of the rooms won’t be visible; roofs are flat. The rooms are capacious. A stay at each of these rooms will be a blissful experience to them,’ Hassan said.

Every beach bungalow measures to 70 sqm. Each villa is tucked away amidst lush greenery beneath huge trees. Each with an open-air naturally modern outdoor rainfall shower bathroom and a large veranda.

Villa interior - dhigali maldives

Dhigali Suite is the upscale villa of the resort. It is an airy 400 sqm villa, isolated amidst a courtyard with an infinity pool and an open-air bathroom. It is considered as the island’s pride. You will find a host of facilities and it comes with a beachfront infinity pool.

Dhigali maldives - batuta restaurant

On the beach that spreads to 250 meters, under the shades of the trees there are 5 restaurants. Among them, Batuta restaurant is particularly of noteworthy for bringing together flavours from the east and middle east. Since the number of Asian tourists keeps growing, there is no doubt this restaurant will become popular. The name of the restaurant was dedicated to the famous Moroccan traveller Muhammad Ibn Battuta.

The resort offers a 12 treatment room spa, recreational area for children, watersports, diving and a fitness centre.

There are three palm-shaded infinity pools along the beachfront.

Among the most recently opened, scale-wise big and offering opulent facilities, Dhigali Maldives resort can be said hands down as truly heavenly.

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