Current political crisis like 2004 tsunami: Gayoom

Opposition leaders rallied together and called for unity to face the “disaster” in the Maldives, with one former president comparing the current political crisis to the deadly 2004 tsunami.

Ex-leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom made the comparison on National Unity Day, which marks the tsunami that killed 82 people in the Maldives.

His bold assertion was echoed by another former president, Mohamed Nasheed, who said Maldivians were “being blindfolded and led into an abyss.”

He expressed hopes for an opposition leader to contest the 2018 elections, saying political opponents were working together for Maldivian interests.

“We have to overcome our fears and challenges. We can only see the dim light of hope if we keep taking steps forward, together.” said Jumhooree Party leader Gasim Ibrahim, who is in exile in Germany.

Adhaalath Party leader Sheikh Imran also said it was a moment for political opponents to lay aside their ideologies and work together.

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