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Both Maumoon and Nasheed inebriated, while India talked about invading Maldives with weapons on TV

Nasheed Maumoon Vaguthu

The original Dhivehi article was published on Rumaalu2.com website on 20th December 2017.

The following is a loose translation:

When local online news ‘Vaguthu’, covered a report on several threats India was making towards Maldives government, former President Maumoon and Nasheed burst out in anger. In their language ‘Vaguthu’ was not a suitable news source.

The reaction of Maumoon and Nasheed is commonly found in dictators. The media should write according to their policies. Politically their only way to succeed is by praising India, all the local news should follow suit. This is the way of thinking of Nasheed and Maumoon.

Looking at the report by Vaguthu news, what was highlighted was irrefutable. Former top Indian officials said Maldives’ regime should be changed with force, with weapons by the Indian navy, on a live program on an Indian channel.

Although Maumoon and Nasheed are all ok to give such an opportunity to them, Maldivians are not ok with it. Even if Maumoon and Nasheed were inebriated and ignored such threats, ‘Vaguthu’ news and the Maldives citizens do not want to praise that.

And next is saying Vaguthu news is at fault and calling it a ‘government news’ by supporters of Nasheed and Maumoon. The answer to that can be seen from the image above.

Editor’s note: Rumaalu2.com, with the same name of President Yameen’s campaign rallying hub in Malé, claims to set the narrative straight. Pro-government and pro-progress. Anti-fascist and anti-idiocy. The website yet stands to be verified.

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