B.K.A Investment – Delivering Quality Construction Works Throughout Maldives

BKA Investment is a building and Construction company registered in 2013. In recent years, the company has completed numerous works relating to building and construction areas ranging from multi-story building, resort construction, Estates, Industrial building, Mass Projects, Renovation Projects, Plumbing, and Sanitary work.  The company also provides Fire security system designing and installing works.

The Company’s mission is to provide the highest quality of services, that consistently meet customer’s expectations and satisfaction while ensuring prices are cheaper than the competitors’ capabilities. Moreover, to meet the staff’s requirements and to be paid sufficient enough based on their responsibilities.

B.K.A Investment electrician doing electrical work Photo: B.K.A Investment

This Company has been executing remarkable projects all over the country. The investments specified trade is namely Building and Construction Works ranging from Multi-Story Building, Estates, Industrial Building, Mass Projects, Carpentry Works, Electric Works.

In the past years, the company has been working with the biggest companies in the Maldives and successfully completed and delivered the projects before the deadline. Some recent works done by B.K.A Investment includes resort construction works, electrical works and DB Main Replacement of Apartments, re-wiring and casing of Buildings, installing CCTV, sound systems and Electrical Supporting of Maaveyo Mosque, Installing Air Conditioning System at buildings, Installing soap Dispensers at Schools, etc.

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Sound systems and Electrical Supporting of Maaveyo Mosque done by B.K.A Investment Photo: B.K.A Investment 

Apart from these works, the investment company also sell electrical equipment such as Lights and Bulbs, Fans, Air conditioner, CCTV Camera, Wires, Chandeliers, etc

Mr.Sharfeez, Managing Director of BKA Investment states that all their services are provided for Installment as well. This is to give flexibility to the customers on payments, especially during the economic recession due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Full details are available at the link below:

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