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ADK Hospital: top notch modern technology

Hitecc ADK

The original Dhivehi article was published on website on 19th March 2018.

The following is a loose translation:

31 years ago, this hospital started out as a regular clinic (Call Mediclinic). Later, after shifting to former Central Hospital’s building, marked the beginning of ADK Hospital, which revolutionised the healthcare and medical services in the Maldives. With the latest technology, new medical services were introduced. It is now the most extensive medical service providing private hospital existing in the Maldives. ADK’s 31st anniversary was marked with complete new improvements.

ADK, in to the deepest corner of the heart

People dying daily of heart attacks are on the increase in the Maldives. Till very recently, there wasn’t much treatment available for heart diseases in the Maldives. However, now, ADK Hospital is fully prepared to give all the necessary treatment for cardiovascular diseases. Along with a modern theatre, comes a team of cardiologists and nurses.

When you walk inside ADK Hospital’s main building’s top new area, you see a complete new image. Bearing the name of one of the shareholders and ADK’s Chairman’s brother in law. ‘Hassan Ibrahim Tier of Excellence in Cardiovascular Care’ (Hitecc) is in fact a high technology theatre complex. At 57, Hassan passed away due to a heart disease.

The most important part of this hospital complex is CathLab which treats blocked heart arteries. This CathLab was opened equipped with the latest technology available.

‘If a German CathLab gets certified, we would always get the same certification. We had developed this place to that standard,’ said Ahmed Afaal, MD of ADK Hospital.

‘For example, if you go to the US, Germany or France, technologically wise, it won’t get anymore higher-end than this. Service-wise there could be some differences. But then again, infrastructure-wise it won’t get any more higher-end than this lab.’

ADK Hospital's Managing Director Affaal briefing

ADK Hospital’s Managing Director Affaal briefing

The CathLab is called ‘anemone lab’. The purpose of the name was to make a difference to the patient and to the staff psychologically. The whole complex is designed to match with the Maldives’ natural beauty. According to the theme, a matching image is hung on the wall.

The most vital theatre of the complex is ‘Underwater’ theatre. The theatre with the image of a turtle swimming underwater was built to perform all heart related surgeries and all neurosurgeries. In this theatre, a (SorinS5) heart-lung machine is used to carry out cardiac surgeries. For anaesthesia, an innovative Draeger brand’s machine, is used.

‘Here pediatric surgeries can also be performed. This place is developed to that standard. This is unprecedented in the Maldives,’ said Afaal.

Furthermore, to observe in real time, video surveillance cameras are also installed.

The new operation theatre which was developed along with the CathLab, a 5 bed Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) unit has also been developed for after cardiac surgery care. In the 2 beds out of the 5, on-pump coronary and pulmonary treatment is also available. This service is also unprecedented.

cardiac care unit -state of the art hospital bed

Cardiac care unit -state of the art hospital bed

‘Here you can do a bypass surgery lesser than getting it done abroad. Our target is decreasing the number of people going abroad to seek that service,’ Afaal said.

Next is the ‘Beach’ theatre, where there is a Maldives beach image. This theatre is specialised for all-ranges of orthopedic care. In this theatre, a special ‘NOVADAQ SPY’ system is installed. There are only 4 machines used in the whole of South Asia.

‘This machine has a very different technology. This will give surgeons exact views of areas during complex surgeries. This technology is used very rarely,’ he said.

Theater for general surgery at ADK

Theater for general surgery at ADK

The other theatre is ‘Sunrise’ theatre, with the image of a sunrise. This is a special theatre for general surgeries. Even here, a special machine is used. With the help of the 3D endoscope machine, the insides of the body will be seen as real.

‘Doctors while doing the endoscopy will always look at the screen. The screen will be seen while wearing a 3D glass. Then that area will be seen like real. The advantage of this is it is safe for the patient. It will take you to the exact location where you need to do the endoscopy,’ said Afaal, while showing the machine.

‘This is the latest technology in this area.’

Additionally, there will be a family lounge, where the family can watch the surgery while it is happening.

A place for all service excellence

In this theatre complex where 80 staffs are employed, there are special areas where services are made available for the staff.

‘60% of the employees are locals. It is a major progress,’ said Afaal.

Theater for heart bypass surgery

Theater for heart bypass surgery

ADK hospital has once again reached a milestone in the road of developments. In this hospital, there are 17 different clinical specialist areas and 9 super speciality areas available. Therefore, just by looking at the doctors quality, ADK is doing better.

‘We have the capacity to keep upto the standard of the regional level. And we are preparing even now to give more new medical services in the future,’ Afaal said.

‘We are now traveling towards higher than tertiary care level. Next is going towards quaternary care. Which is the ultimate level of service.’

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