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Women In Management inaugurated in the Maldives

A branch of the Sri Lankan organization that works to empower career women and women entrepreneurs, Women In Management (WIM), has been inaugurated in the Maldives.

The branch of WIM in Maldives was inaugurated by the First Lady, Fathimath Ibrahim at a special ceremony last night held at Hotel Jen.

Women In Management inaugurated in the Maldives

Last night’s ceremony was attended by a Sri Lankan State Minister and executive members of the WIM alongside the Youth Minister Iruthisham Adam and other leading women in Maldivian businesses.

Women In Management inaugurated in the Maldives

The executive members in the WIM branch in Maldives was also announced at the ceremony last night. They are the President of the VIM Maldives, Minha Faaiz Rashaad, Secretary-General, Rizma Rasheed, Administrative Director, Mohamed Auzam and the Members of the Executive Committee, Maisha Adam and Aminath Rishfa.

WIM said that this was the first international women’s conference held in the Maldives. A special professional and career women awards in three sectors were also presented last night.

Women In Management inaugurated in the Maldives

And so the award for Business Model of 2017 was won by businesswoman Shaaira Saleem while the Career Role Model 2017 was won by the Deputy Leader of MDA and President of RAFY, Aishath Rafiyya. The Entrepreneur award was won by the popular chef, Juwairiya Wajdee.

A panel discussion on leadership and business aspects was held last night with the three award winners from the Maldives and the two notable figures from Sri Lanka.

Full details are available from the link below:

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