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Vera back from luxury trip to Maldives with top government official

  • Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has returned home from a luxury trip in Maldives
  • Vera and a top government honcho had gone on a luxury trip in Maldives
  • ‘It is true we were in the same flight with the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea’

Kenyan socialite-cum-entrepreneur Vera Sidika has just returned home from a luxury trip in Maldives, an outing in which she was accompanied by a top government official.

The popular bootylicious girl left London to the adventure Island accompanied by her two girlfriends. They were in the company of reality TV star Erica Mena who is also known to love hip-hop music.

“It is true we were on the same flight with the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea. But it’s not like I and him are dating.

I think it was something that the media took out of perspective. I think it’s wise for social media to confirm news before they publish.

Besides, there is nothing wrong for me to be in a private jet with a Vice President,” Vera exclusively told MondayBlues.

“I stayed at the exact place they stayed, but still it was my bill, not his bill. I was having my birthday party and it is something I had prepared for.

Let the media stop speculating. I am always open to give my comment on an issue on me,” Vera remarked.

“The two girls are my friends on social media. One of them follows me on Snapchat chat and we are cool,” she added.

Vera has been the talking point all week after photos of her and the girls as well as the Vice President were released on social media.

Full details are available from the link below:

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