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Turkish Airlines to Operate Weekly Cargo Flights from Istanbul to Maldives

Expedite the Maldives, the general sales agent for Turkish Airlines has announced plans to operate 02 weekly cargo flights from Istanbul to the Maldives combined with Sri Lanka.

Expedite the Maldives released a statement saying, “We believe this is good news for the exporters and importers in the Maldives as of now we are with limited airfreight opportunities.”

Now, with this operation, Maldivian exporters can resume their export to Europe, USA and the Far East. Importers can bring in perishable, medical and other items from Sri Lanka, Dubai, China, Europe, USA and many more.

Expedite the Maldives informs that the total capacity of the aircraft is 42 tonnes and will be operating every Tuesdays and Fridays with Boing 777–300 aircraft.

Flight routine is Turkey – Maldives – Sri Lanka – Maldives – Sri Lanka – Turkey.

Turkish Airlines has a strong cargo network operating over 50 destinations even during the pandemic. The airline usually operates up to 300 plus destinations.

For bookings and information please contact 7229595.

Due to COVID-19, operation of Turkish Airlines previously announced a temporary suspension of flights to Male’ until April 17, 2020.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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