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The Art of Snorkelling (Safely) in Maldives


Some of the best Snorkelling in the Indian waters happens in a place that most visitors call “The gateway to my dream vacation” where is this place? Of course, what else can it be other than Maldives? The sound of the waves crashing with each other, the gentle breeze is blowing and you feel the refreshing waters of crystalline divinity cover your body. You’ve checked your snorkel, your mask and your pair of fins: All ready to go! What should you do? Take a deep breath and swim underwater. What do you see? Can you believe your eyes?

Colours, more than you can count. Fish, so many species you had never seen before! Coral reefs boasting life in this perfectly built underwater garden. A sea turtle swims by peacefully, a pack of eagle rays is migrating and hundreds of fish swim in schools as you float there without believing the sight you are seeing! That’s the best snorkelling in Maldives waters you’ll ever experience.

As lovely as the Maldives is above the water, beneath the waves it is a treasure trove for divers and snorkelers of all ability levels, with mysterious flora and fauna, long-forgotten wrecks, colourful coral and exotic sea creatures.

Yes, it is getting much colder nowadays, but always, taking a break from your daily hectic life and paperwork can be a total bliss! Well, as a well-known personality once said- “To sleep, perchance to dream…”- although he was not referring to the thoughts of Maldives Islands. Best Maldives Tours Operator can arrange a trip to Maldives that will be both refreshing and adventurous.

In “The World’s best islands for Snorkelling” islands magazine ranked the 25 islands spots for the best snorkelling experiences all over the world, in which Maldives ranks in the top ones. Though touching each and every little thing is also not a very brilliant idea unless you already have a lot of knowledge or have researched the underwater vegetation and the flora and fauna. A gorgeous jellyfish resembling a translucent amethyst may leave you with a terrible skin rash if you poke it. The ecosystem is a delight to the sight and should remain that way. Collection of shells and the treasures of the ocean are best reserved for evening strolls on the pearly Maldivian beaches under the glistening stars.

One must also take care of themselves during currents. While on land the sea may look exceedingly calm, a riptide may be flowing unseen through breaks in the reef or sandbar. A cautious snorkeler will notice the tugging and shoving of these eddying forces and must keep away from areas where they are strong. Another matter of importance is avoiding submerging the snorkel; if by mistake this happens, you can get rid of the water that rushes into the snorkel by exhaling forcefully.

After taking precautionary measures, a brief snorkelling tour of the reef must be completed as an adventurer, skimming the surface of a dream, peering into the otherworldly riot of colours that carry majesty and magic as much as an enigma and unknown dangers, to get a heavenly experience of the other world within. Your love & respect to nature will be repaid in full, as the residue of that magical land leaves every nerve revitalized and your mind in nirvana.

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