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Maldives’ State-of-the-art Tree Top Hospital’s doors stand ajar

tree top exterior

The original Dhivehi article was published on website on 3rd April 2017. By Abdulla Jameel


The following is a loose translation:

Currently, Maldives’ biggest structure, owned by Maldives’ wealthiest businesses like Kasa Holdings, Champa Brothers, Crown Company and Kuredu Holdings as shareholders, Tree Top Hospital is poised to offer world class medical services.

Tree Top Hospital is entirely different to that of the existing Maldives’ hospitals. Feels like a five star hotel’s lobby while making way through the main building’s entrance. Wood and light interior decor give out a pleasant atmospheric vibe.

lobby tree top hospital

Stepping two stairs on to the first floor from the escalator which is being installed, you will see the patient’s consultation area. The most advanced facility installations are ongoing there.

You will find few hospitals designed to this standard in this entire region.

Ahmed Saleem (also known as Gadhage Saleem), the Maldives first architect, is the expert in charge of designing Tree Top Hospital who also designed Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – world’s first underwater restaurant located at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort.

He is also one of the shareholders of Tree Top Health Private Limited.

Contracted to Turkish company Turmaks, construction works took off last year, with 90 million dollars almost spent, and the hospital is almost ready.

After showing the progress of the hospital, to Minister of Health Abdulla Nazim, Saleem said the hospital will become one of the best hospitals in the region, based on the design and the medical care quality.

tree top hospital garden

While speaking inside the premise Saleem said, “We want to show that this will become not just in South East Asia, but even in East Asia’s facility wise an exemplary hospital. That is a big assurance our company is giving. This work is done with the intention of doing good for Maldivian citizens.”
The six story 30,000 square meters structure with 159-bed the hospital will take the Maldives’ health sector service standards to the next level. After the completion of the exterior work now remains only the interior.

The installation has started of some hospital equipment like MRI machines having being purchased abroad and brought in. To make the hospital fully automated the whole place is enriched with several other types of machinery as well.

Tree Top Investment previously estimated to open in June this year. However, due to the works progress, it seems now that the hospital can be opened for service only in August.

Along with the hospital building, a 10,000 square meters second building that is erected will house support services such as accommodation for staff and patient’s visitors.

Treatment for serious illnesses

The multi-disciplinary hospital will cater to various medical disciplines including a dialysis centre, an imaging centre (CT scan, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound), cath lab, mammogram, MD densitometer, laboratory services, fluoroscopy, ENT, accident and emergency care, and a central pharmacy.

When the hospital opens treatment for serious illnesses will also be available. Around 30 doctors and nurses are already recruited and training is ongoing for them.

With the opening of the hospital, heart surgery service will be available. An experienced Austrian heart surgeon is selected to conduct heart surgeries.

“The surgeon will arrive next week. So it is a big accomplishment”, said Saleem.

Tree Top Investment believe that there will be around 500 staff in operation at the hospital.

Satisfaction with treatment and price

Tree Top Hospital will be operated and managed by Ramsay Group of Australia and Sime Darby Health Care of Malaysia.

room tree top hospital

For patient admittance, there are five categories: 30 rooms for every 2 patient, 57 rooms for every 1 patient, 4 junior suites, 6 superior suite and 2 presidential suites. The completion works are ongoing for these rooms.
Saleem believes that since Ramsay Sime Darby is a powerhouse when managed by them people will hold high regard for the hospital.

“I am in talks with Aasandha. For a work of this scale and the support service, there will be a reasonable price. However, we are not considering this as a profit making venture”, said Saleem.

The main aim is to introduce medical tourism in the Maldives. However, more than that the priority is to provide locals with healthcare currently not available in the country. Also, the company’s philosophy is to look before leaping.

“We want to learn to walk before we start running. We are not going to target international patients first. We will focus on medical tourism, 3 or 4 years after the establishment”, said Saleem.

top view tree top hospital

The hospital is also developed in a manner that will enable and promote medical tourism, like the empty area in the hospital is made for the second stage of the project.

Tree Top Investment said even though located in Hulhumalé island, paramedic sea ambulances and special paramedics has been decided to be used, and that they will bring the necessary equipment for that. Also, they have decided, to open a clinic in the Malé city, along with the hospital.

“So even until the Hulhulé – Malé bridge is complete, we will be connected to Malé. We plan to open Tree Top Maldives hospital having services like sea ambulance or land ambulance ready to take the patient to Hulhumalé island, to our care, when a doctor sees a patient and issues a referral.

This is a hospital so advanced beyond a Maldivian’s imagination. This a classic example that goes on to show that such an investment or a quality medical care is possible in the Maldives. A clear sign which shows that there are capable people who can make such things possible as well.

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