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Sports Commissioner resigns

Sports Commissioner Ahmed Nasheed has announced his resignation from the post with effect on Monday.

Nasheed, known as TC Dave, made the announcement on Facebook without stating a reason. “If I have acted wrongly towards anyone in sports during my time as commissioner, I urge you not to consider that as intentional,” he wrote.

The tenure was novel and joyous, he added. Nasheed was credited with providing assistance to associations in amending their charters and acting as a mediator to resolve disputes that arose during internal elections.

The sports commissioner’s post was created by the 2015 national sports law, which created a national sports council as a parent institution for sports clubs and association. The president appointed the commissioner for a four-year term in consultation with the council and the sports ministry.

The commissioner’s powers and responsibilities include taking action against persons who violate laws and regulations in the sports sector, determining national sports policies, advising the sports minister, and regulating security measures at tournaments.

The 11-member sports council functions under the sports ministry.

Full details are available at the link below:

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