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Schools to Re-open with Number of Changes

Education Ministry states schools are working very hard re-open next month as it is important to adjust schools to the new normal of life which came into place amid the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The budget needed for the preparation of the schools when they resume sessions in the normal, have been received, states the Ministry.

Photo: Education Ministry

According to the Ministry, they are obtaining what is absolutely essential to transforming the school environment safe for the students and are distributing these necessary materials to the schools with most schools now fully equipped for the new normal way of schooling.

It is working to build safe handwashing stations at schools in order to take safety precautions and that when the schools reopen each school would have these stations ready for use.

Photo: Education Ministry

Also, the Ministry said that it has been sending thermometers and was overseeing renovation works needed for the schools before they reopen.

Pictures were shared on social media by the Ministry, which illustrated social distancing marks which were drawn inside of the school and marks which have been drawn inside of the classrooms for the students to maintain social distancing practices in a closed space.

The Ministry has also had previously announced a program which trains 11,000 teachers in psychosocial support and administering psychological first aid, while also training schools on sanitizing and disinfecting techniques of safety.

Photo: Education Ministry

Schools in islands unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic are to continue education from the 1st of July with students from grades 1 and above attending sessions.

As for the Male’ Area, only students from grades 9 and above would attend school and that for four hours on four days a week.

It had been decided as a mandatory act, for school staff and students to wear face masks when on school grounds, while parents have been encouraged to avoid sending their students to school if they show symptoms of Covid-19.

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