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Police to expunge misdemeanour records

Shaheed Hussain Adam Building

The police headquarters, Shaheed Hussain Adam Building in the capital Male. PHOTO / MIHAARU

Following an amendment to the regulation on keeping criminal records, Maldives Police Service has begun expunging criminal records of those convicted of minor crimes, upon request.

The new regulation that was gazetted on Wednesday allows the police to expunge misdemeanours from the criminal records of individuals seeking employment.

However, for the police to clear the criminal record, the offender should not have had a history of repeating the same offence for at least three years since going on record.

The new amendment also specifies the convictions that cannot be cleared from a criminal record. These include serious crimes such as child abuse of all forms, assault and rape.

The police said there are a lot of individuals whose records could be expunged with the new amendment, but that they will only initiate it if the individual requests to do so.

In 2014, in an effort to increase employment opportunities for the youth, the police had obliterated over 1,000 criminal records.

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