Parliament treading on egg shells

Eggs on the parliament floor -- the last sitting of the second term of the parliament saw eggs flying over the parliamentarians heads. PHOTO / TWITTER

Eggs on the parliament floor — the last sitting of the second term of the parliament saw eggs flying over the parliamentarians heads. PHOTO / TWITTER

The last sitting of this term’s parliament sitting held on Thursday took an unexpected turn, with eggs flying over the lawmakers’ heads inside the parliament chamber.

According to ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)’s parliamentary group leader, Villimale MP Ahmed Nihan’s tweet, the parliament’s speaker Abdulla Maseeh’s chair was also egged before the sitting commenced.

He blamed the opposition lawmaker of Galolhu South constituency, Ahmed Mahloof, for hatching the plan to bring eggs into the parliament; however, MP Mahloof was quick to refute the claims, and initially blamed the deputy speaker of the parliament, Hulhuhenveiru MP Moosa Manik, instead.

MP Manik immediately refuted these claims and whisked away from the scene.

Several MPs – pro-government and opposition MPs – were slathered in egg by the end of the sitting.

One MP had pointed to egg shells laced on the parliament’s floor and cried “here is the majority of the parliament,” while another was seen slipping on egg yolks and falling.

An MP lathered in egg --

An MP lathered in egg —

However, in a turn of events, MP Mahloof later shared a video that showed ruling party’s MP Ahmed Assad with a bag of eggs.

According to MP Mahloof, MP Assad remained suspiciously calm throughout the chaotic parliament sitting, and when he approached the MP, he was trying to conceal something under his desk.

MP Mahloof’s was heard saying “I see it! I see it,” in the video that he shared, at which point MP Assad turns around to face the opposition MP’s phone, on which he was live-streaming Thursday’s parliament session. The MP gets up, evidently discontented by the opposition MP, but also clearly revealing a bag of eggs in his hand.

MP Assad could not be reached at the time for a comment.

MP Mahloof maintained that bringing in eggs to the parliament was the government MP’s doing, and not the opposition’s plan.

Parliament’s administration does not allow vuvuzelas and other items such as eggs inside the parliament chamber.

Amidst today’s scrambled parliament sitting, the parliament had managed to approve the appointment of Ahmed Naseer as the new governor of Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) with 33 pro-government MPs voting in his favour.

Opposition MPs did not partake in the vote.

The session was conducted under high security, with several security officers surrounding the speaker’s seat while lawmakers from the ruling party and the opposition coalition exchanged heated verbal fights – glazed with some eggs.

The third term of parliament for this year will commence in October.

Full details are available from the link below:

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