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Parents to Education Ministry: will not send kids to school


The original Dhivehi article was published on website on 26th March 2017. By Abdulla Naseer Ibrahim

The following is a loose translation:

– Parents to Education Ministry: as they don’t trust them with their children, they won’t send them to school

Following Health Protection Authority’s issuance of H1N1 virus alert level to 3, Ministry of Education’s decision to resuming schools sent parents and the public reeling.

While H1N1 deaths are on the rise and people being tested positive for H1N1 virus is on the rise too, parents and the whole nation is asking why the government has made such a decision.

Experts working in the health sector is also asking the same question.

However, the government and the Education Ministry gave a deaf ear to it and to the professional opinion of the Health Protection Agency.

As schools were opened even when HPA advised against it.

Senior officials from Education Ministry believe that no matter how the situation of the country is when Education Ministry informs parents should listen and send children to school.

However, parents gave a different response to Education Ministry. Upon sunrise on Sunday morning, there was no sign on the roads of parents shuffling around trying to send their kids to school. When the country was facing a dangerous epidemic, parents refused to send their kids to school.

Parents sent the message of distrust to Education Ministry.

The message that the Education Ministry does not wish good for their kids and that they will not trust the Ministry to send their kids into a danger. They do not have any faith on seniors in the Education sector.

Packed schools were seen empty. When one class had 5 students, some school had a total of just 30 students.

In Aminiya School on average, there are 30 students in a session 700 students. However, only a few students attended today, said a teacher.

The same were the case in Iskandhar School, Majeediyya School and Dharumavantha School.

Even when the school period was over it was the same case and there were no parents near any school. The doors of many schools were closed. School’s compound was empty. When a few parents were seen near schools, only 50 students were seen coming out.

In any case, a strong message has been sent. Loss of faith in the Education Ministry and the education sector.

When parents have so strongly said ‘no’ to Education Ministry, this a moment where Minister of Education Aishath Shiyam should resign from her post. As parents have strongly said a ‘no’ to her.

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