Opposition protest outside Maldivian Embassy in Sri Lanka

Dozens of opposition supporters protested in front of the Maldivian Embassy in Colombo Thursday against human rights violations.

Independent MP Ahmed Mahloof told the Maldives Independent that about 50 people were at the demonstration.

Photographs on social media showed protesters holding placards that read “Inclusive elections 2018” and “Resign dictator Yameen”.

“We are gathered near the embassy in Colombo with about 50 people and five MPs against various human rights violations at home, after taking necessary permissions from the Sri Lankan government,” Mahloof said.

Mahloof said among their demands are calls for the government to obey an EU resolution about the deteriorating political and human rights situation in the Maldives, and an investigation into the custodial death of a protester.

They also called for justice for the murder of liberal blogger Yameen Rasheed and the enforced disappearance of Maldives Independent journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

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