Ooredoo Maldives’ managing director resigns from board

Sinha ooredoo

Vikram Sinha (R) pictured with CEO Najib Khan at Ooredoo Maldives’ 2017 Annual General Meeting. PHOTO/MIHAARU

Telecom giant Ooredoo Maldives’ former CEO and Managing Director Vikram Sinha have resigned from its Board of Directors.

His resignation was announced at Ooredoo Maldives’ 2017 Annual General Meeting held on Sunday night.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Sinha explained that he decided to resign in order to make way for Maldivian youths to proceed up the company ladder. He lauded the talents and skills of Maldivians, which he said he found more remarkable than the beauty of the country itself.

Vikram Sinha was appointed as the company’s CEO in 2014. Ooredoo Group transferred him to its Myanmar branch earlier this year, where he now serves as the COO.

Sinha declared that, despite his resignation, his connection to the Maldives will not end.

“I’m 100 percent a Maldivian,” he said jokingly as he spoke of his deep bond with the locals.

At the annual meeting, State Electric Company (STELCO)’s CEO and President’s Office’s minister, Ahmed Zuhoor, was elected as the representative of public shareholders to Ooredoo’s Board of Directors. He succeeded the seat with 282 votes in favour, out of 699 stockholders that attended the meeting.

Ooredoo Maldives also appointed KPMG Maldives as its auditor for USD 39,800. KPMG was Ooredoo’s auditor the previous year as well.

The other audit firms that proposed to audit Ooredoo Maldives were PricewaterhouseCoopers Maldives for USD 45,425 and Ernst & Young Maldives for USD 46,115.

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