No “foreign big brother” needed for guidance, says Maldives pres


President Abdulla Yameen (C) attends the inauguration of Henbadhoo sewerage services. PHOTO/PRESIDENT’S OFFICE

The Maldives does not require a “foreign big brother” for guidance and the country is not devoid of democracy, declared President Abdulla Yameen.

Addressing the people of Henbadhoo in Noonu atoll after inaugurating the island’s sewerage system, Yameen stated that illegal foreign influences would not benefit the future of the country or the solidarity of the citizens.

“We as Maldivians should aim to make our own decisions, we should not be dependent on a foreigner for our decisions,” he said.

Yameen also said that he did not believe that a foreign nation should have any influence on decisions made by the Maldives, as citizens of the country would have the best interest of the country at heart.

He also called on the opposition to keep in mind that only the people of the country can change the state of the country, and an outsider cannot reform or change the nation’s situation.

Yameen stated that his government was focused on developing all corners of the country, highlighting that his government had so far developed harbours in 78 islands. He added that development can only be achieved in a peaceful environment while abiding by the laws of the country.

The sewerage system of Henbadhoo is being developed as a social initiative by the Champa Brothers.

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