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MedTech Maldives Introduces COVID-19 Antigen 15-Minute Test Kit

COVID-19 “Antigen” test kits capable of generating results of active infection within 15 minutes has been introduced by MedTech in the Maldives.

MedTech stated that the test kit is produced by Abbott, a well-known manufacturer of laboratory equipment where the portable antigen test will highly facilitate in procedures of public health. This includes detecting individuals with active infection through contact tracing and also testing suspected individuals while having the possibility to test the majority of the population for COVID-19. At the size of a credit card, the test has a sensitivity of 97% and detection of specificity or infection at 98.5%.

The company, being the authorized distributor of Abbotts products in the Maldives further stated that the millions of test kit are being used in various countries including Europe and the USA. Abbott aims to do at least 50 million tests per month with the new test kits. The test can be done with the use of a nasal swab with reduced time and cost while Abbott’s new test application allows the results to be seen on phone making it more convenient for the authorities to take tests and generate results.

Full details are available at the link below:

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