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Maldives President attempts to ease tense ties with India

President Abdullah Yameen has attempted ease the tense ties between India and the Maldives, stating that India is the closest nation to the Maldives.

This is the first time recently, where President Yameen had addressed the bilateral relations between the two nations.

Speaking in the gathering in Velidhoo island in Noonu Atoll, President Yameen chose to deflect on journalists and media, stating that media must be mindful of bilateral relations prior to creating content that can impact relations. He assured the free trade agreement with China will not impact on relations with India or any other nation.

Noting that Indian assistance was granted to Maldives, he said that Maldivians must refrain from any action that negatively impacted on the ties between the two nations.

President Yameen said that the Government had entered agreement with India. He indicated that Maldives and India were in negotiations to enter a free trade agreement as well.

Referring to the free trade agreement with China, President Yameen said that even if a nation made minimal gains, it must be taken up.

His statements came at a time when relations between the two nations had soured, following the Government’s decision to suspend a Council, after they had met Indian Ambassador to the Maldives, Akhilesh Mishra. The Government had of late opted to foster closer ties to China, which had raised alarms in the region.

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