Land reclamation completed for airport-Hulhumale link road

The reclaimed area for the Hulhule-Hulhumale link road. PHOTO/HDC

The reclaimed area for the Hulhule-Hulhumale link road. PHOTO/HDC

Building of revetments has commenced after completing land reclamation for the development of the link road connecting the main airport island of Hulhule and reclaimed suburb Hulhumale.

Housing Development Corporation (HDC)’s managing director Mohamed Saiman on Wednesday revealed that land reclamation concluded two days before. Six hectares of land were reclaimed to develop and expand the new highway that will link Hulhule and Hulhumale.

According to an HDC official, levelling of the reclaimed area was finished this Tuesday.

“The project is proceeding according to schedule. Now we’re building revetments to protect the reclaimed area,” said the official, adding that the revetments will be completed before the end of October.

Development of the four-kilometre long link road, which is connected to the landmark overwater China-Maldives Friendship Bridge currently being developed between Hulhule and capital Male, was awarded to Hunan Construction Engineering Group of China for USD 24 million (MVR 370 million).

The link road is to be developed at the same width as the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, with four lanes. The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge spans from the southeast coast of Male to the southern end of Hulhule, beyond the airport runway strip. The current causeway linking Hulhule and Hulhumale runs from Hulhule’s southern end to the eastern coast of Hulhumale.

HDC had earlier declared that the newly developed and reinforced four-lane link road will be completed in time for the bridge unveiling in July 2018.

Full details are available from the link below:

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