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Introducing Maldives Virtual Tour Expo|Next Generation of Virtual Consumer Travel Fair

Maldives Virtual Tour Expo is a virtual consumer travel fair held quarterly, reaching over 100 million travellers across the globe.

While you plan to tick the Maldives off your bucket list, why not make a pre-trip to the destination and experience the paradise destination virtually?

MVT Expo will give the wanderlust travellers a chance to reminisce the beauty of Maldives before actually setting foot in the destination. Bringing a curated collection of insider offers of the best, most Insta-worthy places to stay, eat and experience, the fair will take place right before the biggest festivals around the year.

Considered as the place to be, with special tours showcasing the Best of Maldives – all in one platform, this is the place to be! If you miss the fair, don’t despair, it just means you have a few extra months to save up and be ready to attend the next one to book a stay!

The fair will be carried out at with a week-long interactive game session bringing offers special tours of the properties. Upon completion of each special tour, the traveller will be able to find a hidden piece of a puzzle. Completion of the full puzzle automatically signs the traveller on to a lucky draw to win exciting prizes.

The fair will also host virtual hangouts for the travellers offering next-level virtual experiences which they can opt to do with other travellers from around the world.

Travellers will also be able to view the latest updates about the resorts, and access links and recordings from the resorts. Special offers and retreats for the season to be highlighted at the fair, allowing the traveller to inquire directly with the property through live call/ chat feature.

MVT Expo is organized by Maldives Virtual Tour, the breathtaking 360° virtual tours of Maldives.

Maldives Virtual Tour is a product of Orca Media Group, one of the leading media and marketing firms in the Maldives.

For more information about MVT Expo, contact: [email protected]

Full details are available at the link below:

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