‘Hub of progress’ Addu demands a leader like pres Yameen: minister

Economic Minister Saeed

Economic minister Mohamed Saeed speaks at a rally in Hithadhoo, Addu. PHOTO/ASURUMA

As a “hub of progress”, the southernmost atoll of Addu demands a leader like president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, declared economic minister Mohamed Saeed late on Saturday night.

Speaking at a rally held in Hithadhoo during first lady Fathimath Ibrahim’s current trip to Addu City, the minister proclaimed, “If there was a time of development in the Maldives, then Addu City had played the biggest role in that.”

Describing the residents of Addu as “erudite” and “industrious” who are “also the lifeline of tourism”, Saeed stated that such a people demand a leader like president Yameen.

“The people will not compromise Addu City for someone else in 2018,” he said, referring to the presidential elections next year. “And so we’re ready … This city is prepared to elect president Yameen again.”

Saeed went on to say that the past three and a half years illustrate how a leader can develop a nation, with many examples of progress evident within Addu itself.

“Progress is concrete, yes. But the progress president Yameen believes in is returning the values of families that were broken.”

The minister also slated the opposition, likening their actions to that of the people who spread and mongered fear and propaganda during the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Saeed said that people with such archaic dogma have no target or principle.

“This era of progress is ready to embrace leaders that develop and build [the nation].”

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