How to Plan a Wedding in Maldives


The Maldives is a dream wedding destination for many; the gorgeous archipelago with its sun bleached soft sand beaches, spectacular sunsets, romantic cruises and accommodation options is the epitome of romance. It is a destination that serves as the perfect honeymoon spot as well; so, how do you get about planning that wedding? Read on for some helpful tips and suggestions.

The Maldives is Easily Accessed

The Maldives is an archipelago of over a 1000 islands, clustered into 26 coral atolls; it sits on the beautiful Indian Ocean and is easily accessed by air from Asia and Africa. The international airport is located on the capital island of Male. You can land chartered flights at the Gan Airport on Addu Island. Getting guests over is a breeze as the islands are easily accessible, and transfers to chosen resorts are either via the resorts’ private speedboat or seaplane. There is a ferry service too, that takes you to the nearest local island of your resort, and from there you and your guests can take a water taxi or hire a speedboat to the resort island.

Choosing a Resort for Your Wedding

There are many luxury resorts spread across the Maldives; they generally enjoy the extravagances of a private island that helps resorts to offer a range of personal excursions in Maldives. Many resorts like to provide magical experiences to couples in love to savour and remember for a lifetime, while properties such as Baros Maldives will go one step further, and offer wedding vow renewal services as well. Choose a resort that has a wide range of services, apart for organising the wedding of your dreams. Consider the lures of diving, island excursions, sightseeing, sailing and romantic cruises as part of your time in Maldives. A resort that offers all this, and more, will prove to be the best. Look at accommodation options as well, resorts in Maldives offer magical stays at private pool villas, located over the ocean or cocooned within lush tropical gardens.

Decide on the Type of Wedding you Want

Most couples choose a beach wedding. The soft white sand beaches, glistening waters of the Indian Ocean and soothing breezes to invigorate the soul are favoured factors. A beach wedding will have the ceremony set up on the sand, decorations of tropical flowers and a sumptuous buffet to follow. If you plan an evening wedding, chances are you can enjoy that evening champagne toast with friends and family to the backdrop of a blazing sunset. Other choice venues for a wedding in the Maldives are isolated sand bars if you are in the market for a private ceremony sans a large number of guests. The roof terrace of the resort and the pool deck too are pretty enchanting. Either way, you can discuss details with your resort and make sure the ceremony is just right.

Decide on the Culture

Having a wedding ceremony in an exotic foreign country, means you are open to some of that nation’s culture and traditions being incorporated into your ceremony. In the Maldives, it is traditional to have a Bodu Beru procession leading the happy couple to the ceremony. This is a procession of drummers decked in traditional clothing; the entire event adds an air of ‘uniqueness’ to the event. You can also opt to wear traditional Maldivian attire for the ceremony, such as sarongs for the bride. If you choose to conduct your ceremony in the traditional fashion have a local gazi preside over the ceremony, which will be in Divehi, the local dialect.

Plan your Honeymoon with the Hotel

Once in the Maldives, it would seem pointless to head out to another destination for your honeymoon. As such, when planning your wedding, make sure to discuss an extended stay, and schedule of excursions and experiences that you both like. There are many to choose from, all centred around long lazy days on your personal spot in the sun.

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