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First India Maldives Consular Dialogue – Ministry of External Affairs (press release)

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The First India Maldives Consular Dialogue was held on 24 October at New Delhi in Conference Room, Akbar Bhawan, Chanakyapuri. The dialogue was led by Shri Dnyaneshwar Mulay, Secretary (CPV & OIA) from the Indian side and Mr. Ahmed Khaleel, Bilateral Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Maldivian side. Consular dialogue between the two countries has been instituted as a mechanism to discuss a range of issues related to Consular, passport and visa matters.

The important issues discussed during the meeting were Issues related to the review of the 1979 Visa Bilateral Agreement between India and Maldives; problems related to recruitment and employment of Indian expatriate workers in Maldives; Consular access related issues; Maldivian concerns on information not being shared with immigration by accommodation providers (hotels, guest houses etc.) when visiting India etc. The dialogue was held in a cordial atmosphere in the spirit of close and deep rooted ties between the two friendly countries. Both sides reiterated their commitment to build upon the desire of people of both the countries to develop closer ties and to hold regular Consular Dialogues to further strengthen the bilateral relations.


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