Can I fly my new drone at the resort?

This is a frequent question guests ask while at their resort. Most guests buy their drones before coming on holiday and have the idea to use the holiday time to practice drone skills. Some even bring high end photography drones to capture their happy moments.

The answer depends on the resort where they are staying. Some high-end resorts which often host celebrities limit drone use for guests citing privacy issues of other guests. In such a situation, it’s likely guests will be directed to a nearby uninhibited island or to supervised sessions with resort’s security personnel.

Drone use can also be a problem if the resort hosts a seaplane platform and frequent sea plane transfers happen on the island. It just takes a few distracted seconds before a seaplane appears in the resort’s lagoon out of nowhere.

On the other hand, aerial videos and shots by guests is free marketing by guests, which has tremendous value.

Also, with a recent update to small business rules, the authorities forbid professional photography equipment to be imported, with the exception of registered media outlets or locals for personal use. So it’s always better to check with the resort before bringing expensive photography drones on holiday.

Source URL: Maldives Resort Workers

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