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Tourism Industry’s Giants to Plant 1 Million Coconut Trees Across the Maldives?

Photo credits: Transparency Mv

Mohamed Naseem, the Managing Director at Business Development Service Pvt ltd, called upon the leading companies in the tourism industry of Maldives to launch a project, planting one million coconut trees across the Maldives. “We need your help to safeguard food security plus environment,” read his statement.

Photo credits: Human Rights Watch

In 2019, Human Rights Watch reported that the island of Kulhudhuffushi flooded in hours. The residents informed that flooding now happens more frequently and affects more homes than the previous years. The island has grown more vulnerable since 70 of the island’s mangroves were bulldozed to make way for a new airport. This is just one of the many examples.

Coconut palm trees are declared as the national tree of the island nation. While adding to the natural beauty of the Maldives, these plants are a rich natural resource of the country as well. However, along with various developments on land, they are being cut down and the plants that were once found in abundance throughout the country are reducing.

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The use of the coconut palms is found in both the economy and medically as well. The coconut water is used by the locals as a cure for upset stomachs, nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, weakness and etc. The flowers of the plants are used for decorations. Hence, every part of the coconut palm is used by the locals, which shows how important it is to the country since the very beginning.

The coconut roots are very beneficial to the environment. While being used as dyes, basic ingredients for toothbrushes, and basic ingredients for desserts, the roots are also able to absorb water in very large quantities. Therefore, the coconut root is believed to prevent flooding- an extremely important factor to consider in the Maldives, a country that’s already in danger of sinking.

Photo credits: Transparency Mv

So is this the solution? Planting coconut palms throughout the Maldives would solve the problem of food and various environmental issues as well. The proposed project, with the help of tourism industry giants, could result in a huge positive impact in the Maldives.

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