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Run for Maldives to be Held Worldwide

An event named Run for Maldives will be held worldwide online, which celebrates two major occurrences in the Maldives.

Run for Maldives is an Online run dedicated to our heroes of Covid-19 and in celebration of the 55th National Independence Day, to spread the spirit of togetherness and joy despite lockdowns and movement restrictions. Run for Maldives is all about the distancing whilst maintaining the important social relationships with your families, friends and loved ones.

Run Anywhere, Anytime! Registration for Run for Maldives opens on 1st September 2020. People all around the world can register for their choice of challenges from 4 categories and run anywhere: in your homes, on a treadmill, or outdoors and complete the run within a given time frame.

Registration is open to ages 5 and above! Everyone who registers and completes the run will win a dazzling medal and a cool Tshirt with a design by a local artist. The designs will be available on our website for people to choose from.

To make the event more exciting we are giving away 10 lucky winners Free Stays in the Maldives. We have partnered with a few hotels and resorts at the moment.

The event will be marketed worldwide with the support from our embassies and consulates. We have also partnered with some influencers from Poland, France and Italy to make this event louder in the international community. Our event is endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism. We are in discussions with MMPRC on a partnership to reach out to major PR companies across the world. In addition to the above, we will be promoting the event, our partners and Maldives on social media with an aggressive campaign.

Run for Maldives will start on 27th September, World Tourism Day and ends on 11th November 2020, 1800hrs Local Time. The Lucky Draw will be on the 11th of November, between 1700-1800hrs and will be broadcasted live on National TV and all our social media channels. The Lucky Draw will be observed, verified by an auditor followed by an audit report published for the public.

We are also giving back to the community by donating a percentage of the revenue of this event to the Thalassemia Society to buy medical items for their patients and the Red Crescent for their efforts to help the foreign labor community in the Maldives.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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