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Replan Pte. Ltd. Donates Materials for the Fight Against Covid-19

Replan Pte. Ltd. has donated PPE, disinfecting chemicals, other equipment, and materials for the fight against Covid-19.

Replan Pte. Ltd. has been working in the Maldives for over thirty years, hence have a strong affinity with the Maldives and the Maldivian people.

They appreciate the huge effort made by the Maldives to bring the Covid-19 pandemic under control and admire the tireless work done by the Maldivian healthcare workers and others working in the frontline.

Replan Pte. Ltd. is pleased to contribute to the effort, be it in a small way. They hope this small gift of PPE, disinfecting chemicals, other equipment, and materials for the fight against Covid-19, by Replan Pte. Ltd. to the Maldivian people will help in the fight to control the Covid-19 pandemic better.

Replan Pte. Ltd. began working in the Maldives in the early 1980s, initially with the supply and installation of diesel generators required by resorts.

Throughout the years they have expanded their services to offer one-stop solutions to investors with their design and build services along with project management. They add that over the four decades of service in the Maldives they have been able to build strong long-lasting relationships with the Maldives tourism sector.

Replan Pte. Ltd.’s prayers are with the Maldivian people and wish the Maldives success in the fight against COVID-19. They look forward to a quick and full recovery from the crisis.

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