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Prisons authority refuses to transfer ex VP Adeeb to house arrest

Jailed former vice president Ahmed Adeeb cannot be transferred from jail to house arrest, Maldives Correctional Services has told his family.

Adeeb’s family asked for the the transfer, saying his doctors had ordered him to live in a dust-free place and refrain from lifting heavy objects. His wife said dust was in his cell and that he has to lift a bucket of water to shower. He has been diagnosed with glaucoma, kidney stones and internal cysts, according to his family.

The prisons authority said the circumstances did not fit transfer criteria, local media reported.

Adeeb is serving a 33-year jail sentence on multiple counts of corruption and terrorism. He was found guilty of masterminding a bomb attack on President Abdulla Yameen’s speedboat, of plotting to use a firearm during an opposition protest and embezzling over US$5 million from state coffers.

The family has been asking the government to authorise medical leave for treatment which is not available in Maldives. But the government says Adeeb is a high flight risk.

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