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Police seek to tag 16 people under MoniCon order


Man tagged with an ankle monitor under the MoniCon order. PHOTO/POLICE

Police have requested authorities to put ankle monitors on 16 suspects accused of major criminal offences under the MoniCon order.

At a press conference held Wednesday, Police spokesperson Superintendent Ahmed Shifan declared that the police have received official confirmation that authorities will commence tagging of dangerous suspects on Thursday. However, he did not reveal the identities of the 16 individuals.

“After looking into suspects charged with criminal offences and those who cannot be kept in custody, we’ve sent the information of 16 individuals, who we believe should be monitored, to the processor. We’ve submitted all the documents from our side,” said Shifan, stating that tagging suspects would give the police an upper hand in this time of heightened crime.

There has recently been an upsurge of gang violence and murders in capital Male, amidst which Minister of Home Affairs Azleen Ahmed had announced that the government will recommence tagging of dangerous suspects under the MoniCon order of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The MoniCon order is issued by the High Court based on the home minister’s proposals. Violations of the MoniCon order carries a jail sentence of one and half years.

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