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Mundoo island councillor arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman


A street in L. Mundoo. FILE PHOTO/POLICE

Laamu atoll Mundoo island council’s deputy president Adam Nasif of opposition Jumhoory Party (JP) was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman on Sunday night.

According to the police spokesperson, the 30-year-old deputy ouncillor and another man of 19 years were arrested in connection to the case.

A member of Mundoo Island Council claimed that the woman, who was injured in the incident, first came to the council office with a knife on Sunday, and an argument had broken between her and Nasif. It appeared that the woman was unsatisfied with the response she had received to a letter she sent to court.

The councillor revealed that the woman had again approached Nasif while he was at the island’s harbour where another argument broke out. “This incident [of assault] seemed to have taken place after that,” he said.

According to the member, the woman had fainted and sustained an injury to her head.

A doctor at the island’s health centre had advised to transfer her to Gan Regional Hospital, added the council member.

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